The views expressed on this site are in my personal capacity as a citizen of India. I am not a member of or involved with any political party. However, I would like to make it clear that I am a supporter of BJP primarily due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I believe in his capacity to take India to greater heights, notwithstanding the various issues raised by the opposition parties and media.

I for one believe that India can never be a dictatorship. It’s not in our blood to silently accept being anyone’s slave. Indira Gandhi failed at an attempt to do it during the emergency in the mid 70s and Modi is nowhere as dictatorial as she was.

So request readers to read my articles assuming my bias towards BJP (though I will try to be neutral).

My views on investing and financial independance are based on my real time experiences in trying to get to a stage where I would want my passive income to sustain me, so I don’t need to spend time on a job and I get ample time to work on what I like.

Thanks for visiting my site. Would request your comments / opinions on my articles / posts as my purpose is to learn more from your feedback. Hence you comments on my posts would be much appreciated.

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