How are some Indian states faring in their attempts to counter COVID-19?

As India crosses the 9,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases, the fear of infection spreading in the confirmed hotspots is increasing. The centre and states have taken various measures to counter the pandemic. Here is an attempt to look at the measures taken by some of the Indian states to contain the spread of the corona virus and provide succor to their citizens, and how they are faring in their attempts to do so.


Haryana (Number of infected: 195/ Deaths: 3) –

22.38 lakh meals provided by Haryana government in food camps since the lockdown began
Govt to double the salaries of all frontline #CoronaWarriors like Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Hospital staff, Ambulance staff, testing lab staff etc for the period of lockdown
2588 panchayats provided an amount of Rs. 5 crore for sanitization. The panchayats whose annual income is less than Rs. 2 lakh will be benefitted
Haryana Government to provide Rs 30 lakh cover (in case of death), to the police personnel directly engaged in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 in the state
Govt has also provided insurance cover of Rs. 50 lakh for doctors, 30 lakh for nurses and 20 lakh for other medical staff
30% cut in salary of state MLAs for next one year
Free double ration for three months declared for poor ration card holder families. Ration issued for the month of April
6.3 lakh families to be provided monetary help, 3.5 lakh construction workers, 1.4 lakh unorganised labour provided monetary help. Government has provided Rs. 360 crore for to 18 lakh such poor families
2000 mandis and purchase centres created to buy wheat from farmers.

Four helpline numbers created to combat Corona virus


Uttar Pradesh (Number of infected: 483/ Deaths: 5) –

Daily wage workers registered with Urban Development department provided Rs. 1000 through DBT
56 fire tenders provided for sanitization work across the state in Phase 1
10 testing labs created in the state. Creation of 14 testing labs in progress
30% cut in salary of state MLAs for next one year
Officers appointed to ensure supply chains of essential items are not impacted
Fixed charge for electricity won’t be charged from industry in the time of lockdown
27.5 lakh MNREGA workers provided a total of Rs. 611 crore in their bank accounts through DBT
1,166 community kitchens started by government to provide food to economically weaker sections of society and labourers in various cities of the state
2,266 shelter homes in various districts geotagged
24X7 CM helpline created to gather complaints/ distress from citizens and provide help
1 lakh people who returned from Delhi were transported back to their towns and basic healthe checks were conducted on them
5 lakh poor families provided financial help through DBT
12 lakh vehicles pressed into service by government to provide door step delivery of vegetables, milk, medicines and food grains
Number of isolation beds enhanced to 10,000 across the state
Lockdown intensified and hotspots sealed
22 private companies enlisted to make milk powder out of excess milk (demand has reduced due to lockdown)


Delhi (Number of infected: 1,154/ Deaths: 24) –

Operation Shield implemented and was successful in stopping COVID-19 spread in Dilshad garden. 123 medical teams scanned 15,000 people in 4032 houses and hospitalized suspects. Containment of 20 localities begun to protect citizens from COVID-19
2,950 beds made available only for COVID-19 patients
Delhi government has booked Hotel Lalit for the stay of its doctors
Pension of Rs. 5,000 for the month of March provided to 8 lakh aged, widows and differently abled citizens through DBT. Pension of Rs. 5,000 for April will be transferred to their accounts by 10th April
Rs. 5,000 to be provided in the bank accounts of construction workers, auto drivers, commercial vehicle drivers and public service vehicle drivers (declred on 2nd April)
CM Kejriwal and Dy CM Manish Sisodia interacted live with parents and children of Delhi to discuss on “ParentingInLockDown”
Corona WhatsApp helpline launched by Delhi state government to answer basic questions on Corona
71 lakh people with ration cards being provided 7.5 kg grains free of cost
Poor people without ration card would also vbe provided ration
Lunch and dinner to be provided in 1,780 centres to people from economically weaker sections of society. On an average 6.5 lakh people avail the lunch/ dinner every day
328 shelters provided to people who are homeless or migrant labourers. 11,500 people staying in such centres
Rs. 1 crore will be provided to the families of sanitation workers, doctors, nurses and other permanent or temporary staff, in case they lose their life while serving COVID-19 patients


Goa (Number of infected: 7/ Deaths: 0) –

20% rise in salaries for goverment staff working closely with COVID-19 facilities
Rs. 50 lakh insurance cover provided to the staff working closely with COVID-19 facilities
Community survey of #COVID19 covering 100% houses to be conducted within 3 days beginning on 13 Apr 2020
Rapid testing of #COVID19  to commence from 8th Apr 2020
30% salaries of all BJP MLAs of Goa for next one year, would go towards Goa State COVID Relief Fund for the fight against #COVID19 and relief effort
Government has started counselling sessions for migrant labourers in Govt shelter homes to deal with psychosocial issues faced by them during this pandemic and lockdown period
Sanitization of public places in the state has been undertaken by the state Govt
Help provided to stranded foreign nationals in Goa
Goa state government has established a war room to monitor the crisis due to COVID-19 pandemic
13 shelter camps with capacity of 3,600 setup across North and South Goa for the stranded and needy
eCommerce operators such as Swiggy, Zomato and other platforms have been permitted to deliver food and grocery items in the state
Government has allowed grocery shops to stay open 24X7, but is promoting home delivery mechanism. 2500 volunteer passes have been issued to help with hom delivery
Team of doctors from Goa Medical College sent to NIV, Pune for taining related to COVID-19


Maharashtra (Number of infected: 1,982/ Deaths: 149) –

Food camps created to provide daily breakfast, lunch and dinner by the state government. 6 lakh people avail benefit of thse camps
Shivbhojan scheme to feed 1 lakh people who do not have ration card on a daily basis. Price of the meal reduced from Rs. 10 to Rs. 5
Orange ration card holders (who do not get grains from PDS normally) will be provided 3 kg wheat @ Rs. 8/kg and 2 kg rice @ Rs. 12/kg
Special Fever clinics to be setup in different part of the state
Maharashtra government to gather suggestions/problems on email ID
30,000 COVID-19 tests done by Maharashtra government and private labs
Special appeal made by state government to retired Military men who have served in the medical corps, retired nurses & ward boys ,those who have completed training as nurses & ward boys but have not been placed in hospitals, to volunteer
Maharashtra Government has currently set up 4653 relief camps sheltering 4,54,142 migrant labour & providing food to 5,53,025 migrant labour & homeless people across the State
No permission to be given for cultural, religious and sporting events
Approx 1,000 isolation beds created in Mumbai. Seven Hills Hospital has been converted into a 1,500 bed facility for COVID-19
Cluster containment action plan created and activated to control infection spread
Maharashtra State Public Health Department has designated 30 Government hospitals as special facilities to treat those affected by Corona. These hospitals will treat only Corona patients and have 2,305 designated beds for them
WhatsApp number released by Public Health department of Maharashtra to provide information on public health activities in the state
Medical shops and shops that provide essential commodities to be open 24X7


  1. This information was collected from the Twitter handles of state CM/ CMO and also some reasearch on news sites. Would not claim that this is a complete list but have tried to verify to the best of my ability. Also I could not list the achievements of states like Karnataka and Telangana due to language constraints.
  2. Also the list is about the positive steps taken by these state governments. Have not dwelved on the failures of any state government.

The state governments of Haryana and Delhi seem to lead in attempts to provide financial help to economically weraker sections, daily wage labourers through DBT.

Uttar Pradesh government has managed to keep the infection toll low inspite of sudden migration of about a lakh daily wage workers in a short time span. Also the government took innovative steps to deliver food grains to door steps.

Maharashtra government has made good facilities to provide food to economically weak and migrants, but fare poorly in the number of infections and dead.

The Goa government has done well to ensure no deaths due to COVID-19, despite presence of a lot of foreign nationals in the state. It may soon be a Corona free state.

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