Why I will vote for Narendra Modi again in 2019

The Lok Sabha 2019 election is at the midway stage now. Three phases of voting have been completed and tomorrow (29th April) is the fourth phase of voting. I personally vote tomorrow in the fourth phase of voting in Mumbai. My vote is for BJP and Narendra Modi again in 2019.


Let me explain my history of voting in Lok Sabha elections. I was a 21 year old during the 1999 Lok Sabha election. I voted for Ram Naik of the BJP as Vajpayee ji needed to be given a comfortable majority to get a five year term, after the government was stolen from him in a no-confidence motion. This was my maiden vote for Lok Sabha.

In 2004, the mahaul was that ABV was winning a second term comfortably. But there was anti-incumbency against my local MP Ram Naik who was a five term MP.. The perception was that BJP is forming the government again, but let me vote against my MP. This led to a win for Govinda who was smartly selected by Congress to cash in on his popularity in Vasai-Virar area (which were part of Mumbai North then).

In 2009, BJP was at it’s lowest ebb nationally under the leadership of Advani ji. The Manmohan Singh led UPA seems set for a re-election after the nuclear deal. BJP voters in Mumbai were divided by the emergence of MNS. Raj Thackeray then seemed like a fresh choice to many voters in Mumbai as against the jaded Congress and BJP-Sena. So I had then voted for MNS. MNS played a key role in getting the BJP-Sena defeated in five seats of Mumbai. The votes garnered by MNS were more than the victory margin of Congress in about 10-12 seats in Maharashtra, especially the urban areas.

By the time the 2014 general elections came, the UPA II government has surpassed all limits of arrogance and thuggery. Corruption scandals worth lakhs of crores or rupees and hundreds of lives lost in multiple bomb blasts across the country was the UPA’s legacy. The Anna movement gave a platform to the Indian voters for venting anger against the UPA government. Narendra Modi with his immaculate governance record in Gujarat, made his move at the right time and emerged as a strong contender for the throne. It was clear that ending the UPA II government was the need of the hour and hence my vote was to the BJP and Modi. Locally too the BJP changed it’s candidate with Ram Naik announcing his retirement from electoral politics and the BJP announcing Gopal Shetty as their candidate.

The Modi government has completed it five year tenure with an “A” or “B+” in most of the subjects and an “A+” for effort. There are many reasons why the Modi government deserves a second term in 2019. I have listed 15 reasons on why to re-elect Modi in 2019 which can be checked through this link.

Without getting into details of good moves and schemes of the Modi government, I would list two broad reasons,

  • Modi government is good for the country: The two reasons that led to the ouster of UPA II government were lakhs of crores of scams and hundreds of people killed in terror attacks. Both these things are missing from 2014-2019 under a Modi government. The last five years has infact seen recovery of lakhs of crores worth of bank loans from errant businessmen and scamsters. There have been no terror attacks outside conflict zones of Kashmir and border states in last five years. Mumbai has not seen a single terror attack in these five years. Pakistan has been hit by a paradigm change in approach from Modi. The country’s prestige and standing has been enhanced in the last five years. Measures have bene taken to allow the Indian economy to take off in the coming years. A second Modi term will take India to greater heights.
  • Modi government is good for my future: Anything good for the country has to be good for an individual as well. But there are a few other factors that I think would be beneficial for me in case there is a Modi government again in 2019. Personally I see a huge rise in my stock and mutual fund investments in the next five years. I see inflation to be benign and growth to take off in the industrial sector. This creates a virtuos cycle which will help maintain less inflation, prevent erosion of value of Indian rupee and huge growth in GDP over several years. This would help me achieve my target of retiring from my full time job in next five years. So I am supporting Modi for my own selfish reasons too.

I would appeal you to find your own reasons to vote. Vote for the candidate and party of your choice but do vote without fail.

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